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Silver Claymore Sword
2-3 Days
Brand: Marto Toledo
For centuries, the Claymore in Scotland was seen as a weapon of the people. Far from flashy, it served the members of the Highland clans strictly as a..
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The One Ring elvish inscription with internal and external. It is also accompanied by an exclusive package consists of a cardboard casket depicting th..
Ex Tax:110.00€
Brand: Marto Toledo
Consists of a ceremonial ax ax handle turned wood screw and a head cast metal double crescent decorated with carvings in relief. Total length 60 cm. ..
Ex Tax:84.00€
Brand: Marto Toledo
Ornamental metal triangular shield, pinned to the head. Finished in natural metal. At the center is riveted a metal foil shield in relief with gilt em..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
The original was found near Mainz-Weisenau, Germany. Included is a padded cap. included is the horse-hair plume and the brass holder.   ..
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Nasal Celtic Helmet
The cone-shaped nasal helmet we offer here is crafted from 1.2 mm steel and finished with an antiqued, dark patina. It is equipped with an approx. 3 m..
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Greek Breast-and Backplates - brass
Brand: Ancient Rome
Greek Breast-and Backplates, Bell Armour, brassThis hand-crafted cuirass is modelled on ancient Greek originals from the archaic period (approx. 750 -..
Ex Tax:315.00€
Late medieval breast-plate Churburg
Brand: Ancient Rome
Late medieval breast-plate ChurburgFully battle-ready reconstruction of the breast plate of the famous late medieval Churburg-armour. It's dated aroun..
Ex Tax:285.00€
Medieval Breastplate - with engravings
Brand: Ancient Rome
Medieval Breastplate, Steel Harness with engravingsWearable replica of a medieval steel plate armour.Includes two straps crossing in the back, adjusta..
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Medieval Steel Breastplate
Brand: Ancient Rome
Medieval Steel BreastplateWearable replica of a medieval steel plate armour. Includes two straps crossing in the back, adjustable in size by means of ..
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European breastplate with back plate
New 2-3 Days
Brand: Ancient Rome
European breastplate with back plateWearable and battle-ready breastplate with back plate made of 1.6 mm thick steel. The breastplate consists of thre..
Ex Tax:106.00€
The Mace of Sauron and The One Ring - Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings – The Mace of Sauron and The One RingRed Eye Edition with War BannerOfficially licensed movie replica from The Lord of the Rings, by..
Ex Tax:549.00€
Narsil, the Sword of Elendil - Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings - Narsil, the Sword of ElendilOfficially licensed movie replica from The Lord of the Rings, by United CutleryKing Elendil was Isildu..
Ex Tax:399.00€
Roman Tunic - Roman legionaries
New Hot
Brand: Ancient Rome
Cotton tunic, red color, typical of the Roman legionaries to be worn under the "lorica".Studs around the neck, one size tunic, wearable.Dimensions:Wai..
Ex Tax:39.00€
Roman Helmet - Imperial Gallic
Hot -7 %
Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman helmet type "Imperial Gallic". The original came from Germany and dates from the mid first century AD This helmet is designed in the style o..
70.00€ 75.00€
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Caligae Romane
Brand: Ancient Rome
Leather sandals worn by Roman legionaries certainly until the end of the second century AD. The upper part, made ​​from a single piece of leather, ban..
Ex Tax:84.00€
Viking Helmet - Wearable Costume Armor
Viking helmet semi-spherical, with a metal mask to protect the eyes and nose, made entirely of steel, handmade, adjustable leather inner shell for imp..
Ex Tax:120.00€
Medieval combat camail- 8mm rings
Hot -25 %
Entirely made of 8mm flat rings, this camail can be worn alone, on a head wedge intended to absorb impacts, or under a metal helmet.Knitted cap, full ..
36.00€ 48.00€
Ex Tax:36.00€
Lorica Segmented
Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman armor developed since the second half of the first century AD and worn by legionnaires in place of chain mail (lorica hamata). The segmented..
Ex Tax:245.00€
Roman Dagger
Brand: Ancient Rome
The pugio was a small dagger used by Roman soldiers as a sidearm. It seems likely that the pugio was intended as an auxiliary or backup weapon, but it..
Ex Tax:25.00€
Roman Scutum - Roman legionary shield
Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman legionary shield rectangular introduced from the late first century AD and in use until about the third century. Reconstruction of a typical..
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Roman Gladius
Hot Out Of Stock
Brand: Ancient Rome
Glaudius, Roman sword-type late first century AD, with wires parallel and bit shorter, spheroid bone and anatomic handle. Comes complete with scabbard..
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Cingulum Roman first century AD
Hot -8 %
Brand: Ancient Rome
"Cingulum" dress belt by Roman legionnaires in the first century AD, which was suspended in the sheath of the dagger (pugio). The "cingulum" differs ..
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Viking Helmet Gjermundbu, the original of this helmet was found Gjermundbu, with the body of a Viking warrior buried with his armor and sword. Viking ..
Ex Tax:210.00€
Viking helmet called from Gjermundbu, with a metal mask to protect the eyes and nose, completely in steel, handmade with the application of a mesh nec..
Ex Tax:240.00€
Price refers to a single character, choose between: male or female. Dimensions: 25 cm...
Ex Tax:142.00€
Was depicted as the seal of the Templars, a horse ridden by two riders who stood for the initial poverty of the riders who were forced to go two on on..
Ex Tax:78.40€
Templar helmet cylinder
-16 %
Cylindrical-conical helmet, amongst the first models realized for the full protection of the head between the end of the XIIth and the beginning of th..
108.00€ 128.00€
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Templar Armour
-25 %
Functional and wearable Medieval Templar Knight Armor, it is a true piece of Armor of rare beauty. Reproduction of a functional Templar armor takes up..
2,160.00€ 2,880.00€
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Reproduction of helmets

Reproduction of helmets Armet, Bascinet, Burgonet, Great helm, Nasal helmet

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