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The Da Vinci Code

Authentic copies of accessories drawn from the famous movie "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons, inspired by the romance thriller writer Dan Brown.

Lily Flower - Pendant
2-3 Days
Gold plated pendant, is delivered in a precious package...
Ex Tax:80.00€
Flower Lily - Earrings
2-3 Days
These beautiful earrings are gold plated. They are delivered in packaging...
Ex Tax:90.00€
2-3 Days
Exact copy of the key seen in the movie "The Da Vinci Code." It is silver plated and can serve as a knife..
Ex Tax:28.00€
Discover the exact replica of one of the key objects of the film The Da Vinci Code Made of metal gold-plated and aged, this mini cryptex opens contentiene a secret message. Dimensions: length 10.2 cm, width 4cm. Hidden compartment: 7.7 cm X 1.9 cm Weight: 350 grams  ..
Ex Tax:55.00€
1:1 scale exact replica of one of the key objects of the movie "The Da Vinci Code" Made of gold plated metal, this cryptex opens and allows you to contain a secret message. Dimensions: length 15.5 cm, width 4.5cm. Hidden compartment: 12.8 cm X 2.6 cm It is delivered in a wooden box...
Ex Tax:205.00€
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