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Officially abolished in 1312, the Templars became, since then, in an occult, clandestine movement. This is because, when a philosophical or idealistic is valid, can not disappear for any "religious ideology" for fear of losing power, or divide, hides officially. So, like many other symbols, will continue to work in the psyche of many individuals. Let's look closely at who they were and are the Templars. Meanwhile, it must be said that the name conjures up images of heroic deeds and chivalrous, but also bloody and mysterious plot. In ancient times, the Templars were a military-religious order, was born in Jerusalem in 1119, to defend the pilgrims in the Holy Land.

Scottish Templar sword, with scabbard
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Scottish Templar sword, with scabbardThis decorative Knights Templar one-handed sword has a double-edged blade made of EN45 spring steel with a wide, long fuller. The cutting edges of this one-handed sword are not sharpened. The end-to-end blade tang is riveted to the pommel and the handle with a wo..
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Templar Dagger with Leather Scabbard
Templar Dagger with Leather ScabbardThis decorative Knights Templar dagger features an EN45 spring steel blade with a wide fuller. The edges are not sharpened and the blade's full tang is threaded to the pommel. The wooden core grip is elaborately bound in braided brown leather. The cross guard and ..
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Templar Seal has been reproduced as a result of detailed historical research that ensure the fidelity iconography. Among the best known and most popular symbols of the Knights Templar, who was sketching in two riding the same horse. This emblem would represent the spirit of brotherhood and poverty t..
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Norman spurs brass
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Norman equestrian spurs in brassCast brass. It's a couple. A strap with a brass buckle is attached to each spore. This allows the spurs to be easily attached to the boot., Hand-forged steelHandmade. The delivery includes leather straps which have been attached with a brass buckle. Use them for attac..
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