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Ancient Rome

European breastplate with back plate
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Brand: Ancient Rome
European breastplate with back plateWearable and battle-ready breastplate with back plate made of 1.6 mm thick steel. The breastplate consists of three riveted plates, the back plate of two. Both pieces of armor are connected with sturdy leather straps, two next to the neckline and two under the arm..
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Greaves of the Praetorian Guard in stamped brass, pair
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Greaves of the Praetorian Guard in stamped brass, pairThe Praetorian Guard was originally formed around the 3rd century B.C. Founded as a guard of the generals of the Roman Republic. Deployed both in camp and in battle, the Praetorians served as a last reserve force against attacks on commanders dur..
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Greek armor
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Leather muscle armor and belts - cingulum, Muscular breastplate of Greek origin in use from the mid-6th century BC The high cost of construction limited its use to wealthy warriors, but its popularity has remained constant in Roman times when the same model was adopted by senior officers.Delivery in..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Greek Costume, includes. 1) red linen tunic. (52 eur) 2) blue wool cape. (25 eur)..
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Medieval Steel Breastplate
Brand: Ancient Rome
Medieval Steel BreastplateWearable replica of a medieval steel plate armour. Includes two straps crossing in the back, adjustable in size by means of buckles.The harness features decorative brass rivets along the edges. Well-dimensioned armholes provide sufficient space for the arms to move freely.D..
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Roman Centurion Helmet
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Reconstruction in the style of a Roman centurion helmet. Delivery includes a padded cotton cap   Size: for head circumferences up to 60 cm long distance (front to back): approx. 21.5 cm short distance (ear to ear): approx. 19 cm weight: approx. 1.5 kg Detail..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman Gladius (Pompeii), known as "type Pompeii" named after the famous city from which several specimens have been excavated. Melee weapon supplied to legions spread in the second half of the first century AD Double-edged steel blade tip and small, but previous versions assumes a straight shape..
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Roman Scutum - Roman legionary shield
Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman legionary shield rectangular introduced from the late first century AD and in use until about the third century. Reconstruction of a typical Shield of the Roman legionaire, made of wood with brass umbo (boss) and hand-painted linen cover. The back side is reinforced with narrow wooden slat..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Thracian Gladiators Helmet or belonged to a category of heavy gladiator. He fought with a short sword (sword), defended by a large shield, a protective sleeve on his right arm, one leg on the left shin guard and a helmet to protect the whole head adorned with a large central ridge and colored feathe..
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Bust In Leather
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Muscular armor of Greek origin in use by the mid-sixth century BC the high cost of implementation restricted its use to the wealthy warriors, but its popularity remained constant until Roman times where the same model was adopted by senior officers. (the helmet is not included in the price) It lends..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Hoplomachus Gladiators Helmet was one of the categories gladiator heavier. Fought with a spear and a short sword (the sword). His defense consisted of a small shield, greaves his legs, a sleeve to protect the right arm and the helmet which fully covers the head. The crest, in contrast to that of the..
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