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Narsil, the Sword of Elendil - Lord of the Rings

Narsil, the Sword of Elendil - Lord of the Rings
Narsil, the Sword of Elendil - Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings - Narsil, the Sword of Elendil

Officially licensed movie replica from The Lord of the Rings, by United Cutlery

King Elendil was Isildur's father and the original bearer of the mighty sword Narsil. At the end of the Second Age of Middle-earth, Narsil's blade was shattered in the great battle between Mordor and the Last Alliance of Elves and Men, and Elendil fell.

However, Isuldur still could use a fragment of Narsil to sever the finger bearing the One Ring from the hand of the Dark Lord Sauron. The loss of the ring caused Sauron’s body to disintegrate.

For 3000 years, the shards of Narsil were guarded and preserved by the Elves in Rivendell. It was only at the end of the Third Age that the blade was reforged to stand by Aragorn, the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor, under the name Anduril (also Flame of the West).

This authentically detailed collectible is an officially licensed reproduction of the actual filming prop used in the The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

United Cutlery, industry leader in fine movie reproductions, has meticulously recreated the prop sword using only the finest grade materials and craftsmanship. Close attention to detail was a top priority.

The blade of this magnificent sword is crafted of 420 stainless steel. The elaborate hilt features a genuine leather-wrapped grip and a solid metal crossguard and pommel with gold-plated accents. Elven runes written in Sindarin are engraved on the pommel and say: Narsil is my name, a mighty sword. Telchar made me in Nogrod.

Delivery includes a wall display plaque made of wood (with silkscreened design) and a certificate of authenticity.


- Blade material: 420 J2 stainless steel

- Handle material: metal guard and pommel with an antiqued silver-plated finish and 24K gold-plated accents, pommel engraved with Elven runes, grip wrapped in genuine leather, rat-tail tang

- Overall length: approx. 134.3 cm

- Blade length: approx. 103.2 cm

- Blade thickness: approx. 6.4 mm

- Weight: approx. 2.6 kg

- Wooden display plaque with silkscreen motif

- Certificate of authenticity

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