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Silver Claymore Sword

Silver Claymore Sword
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Silver Claymore Sword

For centuries, the Claymore in Scotland was seen as a weapon of the people. Far from flashy, it served the members of the Highland clans strictly as a tool to rely on, able to withstand the constant stress of their lifestyle warrior. His fortunes changed at the beginning of the fifteenth century when King James I, in a move intended to belittle England and France, said the Claymore sword "official" of his monarchy. So its well Scots origins in the centuries marked the proud possession, making it also the preferred weapon of Connor MacLeod and the entire clan. The Claymore has a steel blade. The hilt consists of long arms of the hilt arranged to form an acute angle with the blade and ending in four-leaf clover, a handle of wood and tapered to a knob-shaped metal disc. The decorations are silver plated.

Total length 145 cm.

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